Mazingo continues to actively build partnerships across the whole wireless value chain, specifically:


ISP’s – Internet Service Provider:-

Mazingo delivers incremental revenues to ISP’s that adopt VoIP Communications, using Mazingo’s Smartphones.

VoIP Network Operators:-

Mazingo aids their market penetration by offering them a Smartphone that has up-to 70 Hotspot Operators Network profiles embedded into the Smartphone and which will automatically enable users to log-onto voice and content services pre-configured on the Smartphone.

Set-Top-Box Manufacturers:-

Packaging Mazingo Smartphones with an STB aids their deployment into the IPTV market and drives incremental revenue streams.

WiMAX / WiFi Network Equipment Operators:-

Including the Mazingo Smartphone into their package of products delivers the equipment suppliers with a ‘warranted performance’ one stop shop, end-to-end, sales opportunity.

Fixed Line Network Operators:-

Fixed line network operators are in a good position to deliver an IP based WiMax/WiFi wireless broadband network and Mazingo supports them by enhancing their sales opportunity with the addition of a Smartphone offering.

Mobile phone Configuration and Logistics Companies:-

Mazingo sells into these wholesalers in order to address the direct sales opportunity as they sell into the independent mobile phone retailers.



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